David Polfeldt opens Bespoke Pixel game studio in Barcelona

Game veteran David Polfeldt today announced the launch of Bespoke Pixel, a new game development studio opening in the heart of Barcelona. The company has raised $25 million.

During his 17-year tenure at Massive Entertainment, Polfeldt’s leadership was instrumental
in the success of titles such as Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3, Just Dance Now, The Division 1 and The Division 2,
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and the upcoming Star Wars: Outlaws.

The studio was also responsible for the evolution of the highly acclaimed game-engine Snowdrop.

Regarding Bespoke Pixel, Polfeldt said in a statement, “We aim to create original intellectual property focused on refined and well-crafted gameplay. We are forming a small and agile team, initially dedicated to prototype development. We will harness the extensive experience of the core team to deliver top-tier gaming experiences.”

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David Polfeldt is founder of Bespoke Pixel.

Today’s announcement marks the opening of the new studio in Barcelona and Polfeldt’s return to creative leadership after spending the last two years as a senior advisor for The Walt Disney Company and PlayerUnknown Productions.

“We’re eager to collaborate with seasoned developers who share our passion for the craft and what I truly believe is a distinctive and promising project. Our mission is to redefine the standards of excellence in a key gaming genre, prioritising player satisfaction,” Polfeldt said.

Polfeldt acknowledged Barcelona’s dynamic environment as an ideal location for the studio.

“The opening of Bespoke Pixel in Barcelona reflects our confidence in the local gaming industry, as well as the city’s supportive infrastructure,” he said. “In addition, the commitment from local universities to video game education is vital in shaping the future of this industry. As a newcomer, we hope to add a new dimension to Barcelona’s incredibly rich cultural heritage.”

Those interested in career opportunities at Bespoke Pixel are encouraged to visit the homepage or contact jobs@bespokepixel.studio.

As for the name of the studio, Polfeldt said in an email, “Yes, we are quality-nuts, and the name is a reminder that every single piece of the game needs to be crafted with care and love, down to the tiniest pixel.”

The team has five people, including the founders.

“We’ll grow carefully and will only hire people we like and who have extensive experience,” he said.

Polfeldt added, “We are making an open-world game with heavy emphasis on immersion and emergent experiences created by intertwined systems that allow the player to make important choices. With combat.”

Polfeldt’s background

Over the last thirty years, Polfeldt has been involved in the video-game industry since the very beginning. From a childhood interest in designing and making board games to humble beginnings with web-based games and mul/media projects, he went on to lead the legendary Swedish studio Massive Entertainment for seventeen years, growing it to more than 700 employees, working on three triple-A projects in parallel, with the world-class game-engine Snowdrop also developed in-house.

Polfeldt is the author of The Dream Architects: Adventures in the Video Game Industry (Grand
Central Publishing, 2020).

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