Crimean Woman Apologizes For Pic Of Drinking Straws In Ukrainian Colours

Sevastopol resident Ekaterina Osipova didn’t do much to incur the wrath of local authorities in Crimea. A picture of a drink with yellow and blue straws, and several more with yellow and blue objects were enough. Taken to the police station, she was made to confess to her “crimes” and recant on video. Since it was her first offense, this satisfied them. Had it been her second she could have received up to ten years in one of Putin’s gulags.

Her scripted “confession” would have made Orwell proud with her thoughtcrime.

Source: 24tv (Ukraine)

Sevastopol resident Ekaterina Osipova posted several photos on her social network page. Russian security forces discerned the girl’s pro-Ukrainian views in them and “invited” her to the police station.

There, Osipova was forced to apologize on video for her “provocative” photos and “swear” her love for Russia.

Pro-Russian Crimean bloggers look for the slightest hints on social networks of local residents that they might support Ukraine, and then “direct” the occupiers’ police on them. This is what happened to Catherine. The girl posted several photos on Instagram showing objects in yellow and blue colors. So, on one of them there are cocktail straws, on the second there are pillows, on the third there is a manicure.

The occupiers decided that this was enough to suspect Osipova of a pro-Ukrainian position. In the video, recorded under duress, the girl claims that she took these photos a long time ago and “out of emotion.”

In addition, she notes that she is Russian and “respects” her homeland.

Born in Sevastopol in Crimea, she isn’t Russian and never will be, despite what the occupiers made her say.

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