Crazy MAGA Pastor Mark Burns Releases Insane Ad Before Runoff

South Carolina’s Third Congressional district headed to a runoff with Sherry Biggs, a nurse, a Lieut. Col. in the Air Force National Guard vs “I see Gay people in my dreams and hate them,” Pastor Mark Burns.

Since neither candidate received the required 50% of the vote, there is a runoff today.

To emphasize his come to Jesus, liberal Satan and the devil campaign, he released this insane ad.

Our enemies are operating in plain sight.

Evil is on the march, and they’re not even trying to hide it.

Santanic forces are taking over our schools, preying on our children with transgender surgeries and drag queen story hours.

South Carolina is being invaded by terrorists and drug cartels, and no one in D.C. or Columbia is lifting a finger.

Our enemies in China are waging economic warfare against every American, making it impossible to afford to live here, to buy groceries, gas, or even pay the light bill.

And traitor Joe Biden’s far-left Department of Defense is working to destroy our military from within.

American institutions have lost all common sense.

We have a wide-open border, and we have entirely abandoned the rule of law.

D.C. is taking our tax dollars and using it to fund the takeover.

Let me say that again.

American taxpayers are paying for the destruction of their own nation.

Look at Iran and Afghanistan.

We must hold responsible those elected officials who take our hard-earned dollar to use them to do battle against us.

It is treason, plain and simple.

We cannot afford to allow medical tyrants that gave us the mandates and shutdowns and forced vaccinations to continue their homicidal march for total control.

Our faith and our freedom is under fire.

Any country that will spy on Christian church attendance is just one step away from all-out gun confiscation and totalitarian communism.

Burns has failed to win a seat so far for the last six years so let’s hope South Carolina makes his record an o-for…

The hate drips off his ad.

There is no bottom to the depravity on which he runs his campaign.

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