CNN Laughs Off Trump Sleeping In Court Again

Apparently, these stories about Lumpy constantly falling asleep in court are getting to him, as he made clear today on Truth Social. And CNN, formerly known as “the most trusted name in news” helpfully went along with this ruse as well.

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Former President Donald Trump is struggling to hold it together in court, said his former strategist David Urban on CNN Thursday — and one of the reasons could be desperation for a Diet Coke.

Since the Manhattan hush money trial began, the former president has been caught on multiple occasions falling asleep in the middle of the trial, and coverage of this has enraged him. Earlier Thursday, he posted a denial that he was falling asleep, insisting that he was just resting his “beautiful blue eyes.”

CNN host Erin Burnett assured us that Trump wasn’t sleeping, god forbid.

“I was in the courtroom the other day and I saw him lean back sometimes closing — I saw that, I’m actually just going to take this very seriously for one second and say, it did not appear to me that he was ever sleeping,” said anchor Erin Burnett.

“He was paying attention in various positions. However, the way he chooses to do this is to focus on his ‘beautiful blue eyes’ and the optics. He cares about the optics.”

While Republican strategist David Urban and former employee of Trump said it was probably just Trump’s diet coke addiction kicking in. No biggie.

Yeah,” said Urban. “Look, it’s — that’s a classic Trump tweet, right, about this. He’s trying to make light of the situation a little bit and say, look, I’m not sleeping, although I have to say, sitting there for hours and hours and hours without a Diet Coke, it’s probably killing him.”

In fact, he continued, that lack of Diet Coke could be affecting him more than people realize.

“He’s usually, I’m sure, very caffeinated during the day,” said Urban. “And is, as folks who know, drink Cokes and Diet Cokes, if you’re missing one or two a day, let alone, I’m sure he’s missing probably about ten a day. It’s probably rough.”

A different take from Maggie Haberman, also on CNN.

Trump’s post from Truth Social.

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