'Chipmunk' Chaffetz Stomps His Tiny Feet Over Immigration

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz feigned outrage when his Democratic opponent Lucy Caldwell called out phony and uncaring Republicans for trying to impeach Mayorkas over policy differences when they couldn’t care less about unaccompanied minors entering the country.

Kurtz set up his question to Caldwell by defending Republicans’ ridiculous efforts to impeach Mayorkas as some sort of valiant move.

Caldwell pointed out Republicans are just trying to punish President Biden’s political appointee because they don’t like an administrative policy which is not an impeachable offense.

Then she laid into the creeps calling themselves Republicans who are using the border as their only 2024 campaign issue.

“But I just want to say because I feel very passionately about this,” Caldwell said. “Spare me the idea that Republicans in Congress are impeaching Mayorkas, taking aim at Joe Biden, because they care about unaccompanied minors at the border.”

She added, “That is absolutely absurd and if that was the case they should get with the program and get on board with the bipartisan border bill–“

Chaffetz then began to emote, cutting her off.

“Are you kidding me! Are you kidding me!” shouted the former Republican Congressman. (The truth hurts)

“How dare you, how dare you!” he continued, feigning outrage. “Don’t tell me that I don’t care about these little kids!”

Does he still believe he’s an active member of Congress?

“I didn’t say you. I did not say you,” Caldwell shot back. even though no explanation was necessary.

“I said Congressional Republicans.”

The puffed up puffer-fish from Utah ranted on. “I used to be in Congress. I was a chairman,” he huffed.

“You are not a current member, I understand that,” Caldwell said over his interruptions.

What an asshat.

The indig-nat-y! Where’s your honor?

I think he was ready to pull out his pink glove and challenge Caldwell to a duel, a practice which some Congressional Republicans would like to reinstate.

It’s impossible to justify what the MAGA cult does in Congress, so Chaffetz made it all about himself as if Caldwell was impugning his character and attacking his dignity.

What dignity? He is a card-carrying member of the New Goebbels school of propaganda.

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