Chip Roy's Rant Blasted As A 'Platter Of Grievance' To 'Own The Libs'

MSNBC host Alicia Menendez and Professor Eddie Glaude discussed how one side is “fighting existentially” and that they “shot bullets,” so the left has to learn how to fight back. I agree with that. We can be the adults in the room while throttling them (metaphorically, of course). Republicans are the big babies that have never learned from their errors, so they blame everyone else — Jan. 6, for example.

“Folks like him are part of the problem,” Menendez said. “But there is that core question about whether or not Congress can deliver. And who would benefit if there is a perception that Congress cannot do the bare minimum?”

“Oh, absolutely,” Glaude said. “Look, I mean, the quick answer to Roy’s question is it’s a platter of grievance. It’s a platter of owning the libs. It’s a platter of deconstructing the administrative state.”

All the things that Matt Gaetz animates, I can give you blurbs or clips that you can put on TikTok so that you can raise money,” he continued. “The deliverables for some, most of his colleagues aren’t the deliverables that he’s asking for, but it’s the deliverables that they think they can keep them in power.”

“I think Cornell hit it on the head in an interesting kind of, in an interesting kind of way in the question, in the way he answered your previous question, Alicia,” Glaude said. “In the 1850s, there was a debate, and one side was debating from the point of view of existential crisis.”

“Their way of life was collapsing,” he continued. “The other side was trying to keep the union together and govern. And as they were trying to deal with the side that was fighting existentially, they kept losing ground. And eventually, the side that was fighting existentially shot bullets.”

“There’s a side that is arguing that the existential question around who we are going to be as a nation speaks to the heart of white America, speaks to the heartland of the country, while the other side is speaking about policy,” he said. “We have to fight on existential grounds because if we don’t, we’re going to lose it. We’re going to lose the country.”

“And (Chip) Roy is just a minor voice in this point, even though his actions kind of feed into the very things we’re talking about.”

Chip Roy inadvertently cut an ad for Democrats. Roy, Gaetz, all of them know they’re losing. They’re political performers, not serious people. And Congress needs to get serious fast. There is a lot on the table.

What does “fighting on existential grounds” look like for Dems? What should they be doing?

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