Charlie Sykes Turns On Ron Johnson Over Fake Electors Scheme

After Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul announced that he had filed charges against Kenneth Chesebro, Jim Troupis and Mike Roman in regard to the fake elector scheme, Senator Ron Johnson (Q-Moscow) had a strong and very negative reaction to the news:

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes, who had been friends with RoJo for 15 years, turned on him and said that RoJo had every reason to be upset:

Johnson has reason to sweat this one, because the criminal case is likely to bring renewed attention to his role in the attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election and his shifting and inconsistent explanations. On Jan. 6, 2021, Johnson and his staff tried to hand fake electoral certificates to Vice President Mike Pence, but they were rebuffed. Johnson initially claimed he didn’t know about the plot, but recent documents — including text messages — show that Johnson and his staff were told explicitly about the plot to deliver the fake electoral votes.

Sykes goes on the rehash how the fake elector scheme was pulled off and RoJo’s role in it before ending it with this:

The documents also show that Troupis texted Johnson personally on Jan. 6, explicitly mentioning the electors: “We need to get a document on the Wisconsin electors to you for the VP immediately.” He added, “Is there a staff person I can talk to immediately.”

That same day, Troupis texted Chesebro, confirming that he had been “on the phone with Mike Roman and Senator Johnson’s COS to get an original copy of Wi slate to VP.”

As attorney Jay Kuo notes, “It would be extremely unusual for a senator’s chief of staff to be arranging such a high level handoff of something as important as Wisconsin’s false electoral college certification without the senator himself being fully in the know and involved.”

Which is perhaps why Johnson protests so much. The new documents shred his tortured explanations, and the new criminal charges guarantee that he will face more questions — a lot more questions — about what he knew and when he knew it

What Sykes wrote is correct and accurate.

However, what is surprising is that Chuckles wrote it at all. As I wrote earlier, Sykes and RoJo go way back. In 2010, Sykes played a big role in helping get RoJo elected in the first place. At the time, Sykes was still the host of a right wing squawk radio show on WTMJ-AM, the most powerful radio station in the state. Sykes was also hosting a Sunday morning talk show on WTMJ-TV. When RoJo first announced his candidacy in 2010, no one knew who he was. But Sykes gave RoJo hundreds of hours of free air time during that year leading up to the election. If he didn’t have RoJo on the show, he was talking him up every chance he had.

Seeing Sykes go after RoJo like this is like seeing Dr. Frankenstein picking up a torch and pitchfork to join the villagers in going after his monster.

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