Candace Owens Abandons 'Science': It's A 'Pagan Faith'

Candace Owens, formally of the Daily Wire, told her viewers that she has ditched the cult of science because it’s a pagan faith.

Owens was fired from Shapiro’s outlet for embracing anti-Semitism.

These are the people populating the MAGA cult.

CANDACE OWENS: Imagine being married to me. I mean, my poor husband, he rolls over.

He’s like, what are you reading? And I feel like a regular wife says something.

I don’t know, maybe a love series, Nora Roberts’s Sweeping Her Away.

Me, on the other hand? He rolled over.

He asked me, and I said, I’m reading a flat-earth theory, And it dawned into an entire conversation. He’s like, why are you? Why are you reading a flat-earth theory? And I’m like, because somebody messaged me, …and they included some links, and I’m just reading them.

I don’t know; I’m just an interested person, no matter what. If there’s a bunch of people that believe something, I now want to know what it is that they believe, and of course, he pushed me on this, and he was talking about the earth’s curvature and science and I said to him ‘listen, I’m not a flat earther.’

I’m not a round earther Actually, what I am is I am somebody who has left the cult of science. I have left the megachurch of science, because what I have now realized is that science — what it is actually if you think about it — is a “pagan faith.”

Science is not a “faith” that forces a person to believe something without observation, experimentation, and proof. Many quantum theories about many worlds, quantum gravity, and the like, are discussed but have not been proven, and they have no effect on our lives.

WTF is a “round earther?”

That’s a new one on me. What does Owens observe when she sees pictures of the earth? Science is not anti-religion. Many of the great scientific minds that had momentous breakthroughs had some sort of religious faith, including Einstein.

What Owens spews is more of the MAGA Crackpot theory. Most Christians fully embrace science. Christian Nationalists, on the other hand, do not.

If it wasn’t for the cult of Science, she wouldn’t be speaking to her followers on the internet, streaming video, or making video, having a smart phone, a TV, a radio, air conditioning, or traveling by car, train, bus, or air. Is Candace Owens abandoning dentistry and tested-for-toxins cosmetics? I guess she could just use an untested substance on her face and abandon the “science” that prevents radium and arsenic from being used in face powder.

What a f**king dimwit.

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