Busted! Jack Smith Catches Trump's Underhanded Play For Cameras In Court

Special counsel Jack Smith accused former President Donald Trump’s legal team of misleading him in a ruse to have cameras broadcast his election subversion trial.

In a filing on Sunday, Smith called out Trump after he “reversed course” on whether cameras should be in the courtroom. But just days earlier, Trump had told Smith that he did not oppose the government’s motion against courtroom cameras.

Smith seemed surprised that Trump had changed his tune.

“The defendant’s response did not engage with the relevant Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure or cite any applicable case law, and instead made false and incendiary claims about the administration of his criminal case, United States v. Trump,” Smith said.

The special counsel asked the court for permission to file a pre-prepared four-page motion responding to Trump’s “false and incendiary claims” and appeal for cameras.

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