Bulletstorm VR gets major ‘fix’ update & Pico release this year

People Can Fly launched a new trailer for Bulletstorm VR at today’s UploadVR Summer Showcase, revealing updates coming to the virtual reality FPS. The theme of these updates appears to be that People Can Fly and developer Incuvo have “fixed” the poorly received title with several quality-of-life upgrades. This update rolls out for free later this year, alongside the game’s launch on the Pico platform.

According to Incuvo, the major update will feature a new horde mode, upgraded weapons, an improved energy release alongside features users have requested since the game launched, including a left-handed mode. The game is currently sitting at a “Mostly Negative” review rating on Steam, with several reviewers criticizing the game’s controls and censored profanity.

Honorata Najda-Szajewska, Incuvo senior producer, said in a statement about the update, “I am thrilled to collaborate with our talented development team to introduce exciting new features and enhance the overall core experience of Bulletstorm VR. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional gaming experience that will captivate players and elevate our game to new heights.”

The game also launches on Pico at the same time Incuvo rolls out the update. Dmitry Muratov, People Can Fly’s VR senior publishing producer, said in a statement, “I’m excited to reveal that we’re investing heavily in bringing the biggest and best version of Bulletstorm VR to PICO and existing platforms with a brand new ‘Horde Mode.’ Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping VR experience like never before!”

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