Brett Kavanaugh Has A Book Deal

I did not know that Brett Kavanaugh —the Virgin Mayor of Keg City— was literate (H/T Auntie Maime) as Axios reports:

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is working on a legal memoir at a time when the Supreme Court is being increasingly scrutinized amid falling public trust.

These clowns just cannot give it a rest; they all want to tell their stories of martyrdom.

I wonder what the advance was, and who is paying to have his tell-all told (Axios says it was sold to Regnery, but when Regnery was “sold to Skyhorse Publishing in December, the project moved to the Center Street imprint at Hachette Book Group.” (Hatchette is one of the 5 largest publishers and there’s so many imprints, it’s impossible to figure out who is in charge of this deal. I could not find Skyhorse , let alone Center Street on their list of imprints, it is so far down the ladder.)

Why it matters: Kavanaugh, 59, has been relatively quiet amid a host of controversies. Now he’s expected to give his point of view on everything from the fracas over his 2018 confirmation to the 2022 plot to kill him, a source familiar with the project tells Axios.

As I recall “the plot” was one lone man who turned himself in before acting out in any way. Seems like a sentence, not even a paragraph, let alone a chapter or a book.

Driving the news: The book, which is not yet titled, is expected to be published in 2025 or 2026.

And remaindered shortly thereafter. But with every purchase, you get a boof kit:


The Honorable Justice Kavanaugh

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