Brave Corey Lewandowski Sticks Up For 'The Straight White Man'

Newsmax guest host Corey Lewandowski — who I assume could become a permanent fixture on the network given that he’s a woman-abusing piece of shit — is concerned about straight white men being poorly treated by “bossy women.” Perhaps he should have stuck up for his wife instead of (allegedly!) having a yearslong affair with married South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, who may or may not go out on puppy shooting hunts together. Who knows.

“Does the Democratic Party hate men and is full of bossy women?” Lewandowski asked, Media Matters reports. “We’re not sure, but members of the elite Democratic establishment think so.”

“But one could argue the insane liberal victim hierarchy goes like this,” he added. “First, trans, of course. Two, gay. Three, female minorities. Four, male minorities. Five, importantly, illegal aliens. Six, white women. And then, of course, the villain, the straight white man.”

Lewandowski was removed from his role as chairman of a super PAC called Make America Great Again Action over reports of sexual harassment accusations from a donor, and that’s not all the insufferable vacuous twat did. (I’m sorry, Corey. Was that being too much of a “bossy woman” for you, punkin’?)

He aggressively handled a reporter and protester, which probably gave him more MAGA cred. And he, of course, reportedly called a coworker a “fucking bitch,” as one does. Oh, but there’s more. The coworker, Pat Maloney, reportedly missed a conference call to attend to his sick grandmother. Still, Lewandowski called him at his grandmother’s bedside.

“My grandmother is literally dying, having Last Rites administered, and I get a call from Corey chewing me out, asking who the hell did I think I was missing this conference call,” he said.”

I could write volumes on this slug’s volatile and abusive actions with others, but none of it has to do with him being a straight (allegedly!) white man. He’s been shitting on people for a while now. It’s called karma, and she’s not a bitch. She’s a big, beautiful mirror.

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