Bondex launches mini-game Bunny Blitz on Telegram

Bondex has joined the experimental trend of making games for Telegram, the instant messaging app embraced by the crypto community.

The company which has raised over $10 million to date is launching its Bunny Blitz on Telegram. Following the trend of Telegram-based dApps, Bunny Blitz is a Telegram tap starting with $1 million of $BDXN in rewards, for users to win through daily challenges and events.

The initiative aims to capitalize on the company’s motto, offering a unique blend of fun, learning and
earning in the realm of Web3 social games. All of this is going to make people scratch their heads and ask, “Are Telegram games a thing?” Well, remember that we used to play games on Facebook. Bondex itself is like a gamified version of LinkedIn. Companies like Gamee are seeing success on Telegram.

The bot can be accessed by searching its username @bunnyblitz_bot. It’s free for Telegram users and available on both mobile devices and desktop.

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The Telegram-based rewards campaign is set to finish on International Bunny Day, September 28, 2024.

Bondex’s expansion into third party services like Telegram is notable and expands on signifying the ‘socialfi’ within cryptocurrency ecosystems.

Other companies integrating TAP based games into Telegram include ‘Hamster Kombat’ and TON built Notcoin, which had the largest GameFi token launch in 2024 with over $1.2 billion in transaction volume since its launch earlier this year.

Hamster Kombat, the largest game on Telegram, has also surpassed over 150 million users on its platform. Bondex CEO and co-founder Ignacio Palomera announced that the project received a grant from the TON ecosystem for development of a recruitment focused app, which is set to hit its first milestone later this month.

“We really believe in the TON ecosystem,” Palomera said in a statement. “With the widespread popularity and ease of access, we’ve seen a significant uptick in the market for Telegram based games and we’ve partnered with some of the most accomplished TAP game developers to make Bunny Blitz come to life. This new vertical adds a fun and fresh vertical to the Bondex Ecosystem that will help onboard users into the Web 3 Talent Network through gaming, rewards and education.”

Bondex, due to launch its native cryptocurrency token BDXN, has recently also concluded a largely successful public sale on Coinlist, raising over $6.5 million, breaking a two year participation record on the premier cryptocurrency platform.

“We’re excited to see this dream come to life, and looking forward to providing continuous value for our community,” Palomera said.

Bondex shifts incentives and demand away from middle men to reward and empower users via gamification, a paradigm shift that changes the professional networking model so that the talent participates in the upside and economics of the social network they are bringing value to.

The project gamifies the idea of recruitment for companies as well as job-seekers, with a professional app focused not only on sourcing and managing talent or seeking opportunities, but also on providing referral rewards, incentivizing users to tap into their networks to refer suitable candidates for recruiters.

“We’re happy to have delivered our promise on product development and initiatives with our newly secured funding, and we’d like to thank our investors for supporting us since day one,” said Palomera.

The app provides referral bounties to users on the platform, allowing them to act as extended recruitment arms to hiring companies. Referrers on the Bondex platform receive US dollar or token-gated referral bounties of up to $10,000 for successful hires by recruiters.

Since 2021, Bondex has seen over 4 million mobile app downloads and sees over 500,000 daily active users on its platform today. It connects web3 professionals, companies, and recruiters, offering rewards for engaging activities and successful job referrals.

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