'Biden Had Nothing To Do With This': Tom Cotton Gets Fact Checked On Trump Conviction

NBC guest host Peter Alexander pushed back against Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) after he suggested Donald Trump’s conviction in a New York hush money trial was rigged.

Alexander began the Sunday interview on Meet the Press by correcting Cotton.

“So let me just clarify a couple things for our audience right now,” Alexander said. “As you know well, this was a state case. Donald Trump was indicted by a grand jury in New York. He was convicted by a jury of 12 New Yorkers beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“They didn’t seek this responsibility,” the host added. “Joe Biden, as you know, had nothing to do with this case, Senator. In fact, the Manhattan DA’s investigation, this case began in 2018 when Joe Biden wasn’t even the party’s, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.”

Cotton, however, insisted, “The jury got it wrong.”

“Again, you had a judge who is literally a donor to Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020 so he could stop Donald Trump,” the senator continued. “He should have never been presiding over this case. He introduced evidence that was highly, highly inflammatory and prejudicial. He didn’t allow President Trump to put on certain evidence and witnesses.”

Alexander deflated Cotton’s talking point.

“You’re talking about the judge, Juan Merchan,” the host pointed out. “He did give $20 to Democrats, gave $15 to Joe Biden in 2020. But the appeals court, Senator, affirmed his decision to stay on the case.”

“And as it relates to the rules, the instructions, Trump’s lawyers passed on the opportunity to argue that the charges should be considered misdemeanors in the jury instructions,” he noted.

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