'Be Best': Dark Brandon Goes Hilariously Full Savage On Trump

Most people know how to get under Donald J. Trump’s fragile skin. It’s a shame that most of Trump’s Republican rivals didn’t seem to grasp this simple concept, but President Biden wasn’t afraid to go there. Biden relishes in it. And who wouldn’t want to needle a narcissist? Biden was hoping that Trump had noticed, and apparently, he has.

“I do think he’s trying to get under his skin, and I think it’s the smartest thing the Biden campaign has done yet,” a person close to Trump said, according to CNN. “It rattles him and takes him off message.” Calling the one-term loser a “Loser” is at the top of the Biden campaign lists of attacks, and it appears to be working. Biden also added Melania Trump’s “Be Best” campaign to his list to taunt Trump, according to a Xitter post of the President’s — and it’s hilarious.

Imagine launching an anti-bullying campaign as First Lady while you’re married to the biggest bully in the United States. Sounds pretty stupid, huh? Well, that’s Melania Trump…

…And this is Dark Brandon:

Xitter users weighed in.

Trump is the biggest loser in recent history, costing his party the Senate, the Congress, and the White House. And his big mouth just cost him $83.3 million.

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