Bannon's Seditous Podcast Continues To Grift Off Lindell

My Pillow conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell used to whine that his company was destroyed by lawsuits and people who wanted to silence the evidence he has that would overturn the 2020 election. Now he claims business is booming.

LINDELL: And I want to say, Steve, if I can, it’s the War Room Posse that’s made this all possible where I can be away from my factory because they got it to full capacity.

So once again, if I can, I’d like to gift them all to get a free MyPillow Multi-Pillow Multi-Use 2.0. It’s absolutely free, you just pay shipping and handling to the War Room Posse.

They can go to the website, they can use that promo code. We all used promo code War Room today, right?

They’re all going to use promo code War Room at the MyPillow website today, Steve, and get that free multi-use MyPillow 2.0.

I want everybody to try it.

The MAGA cult leaders are all Flimflam artists, picking their teeth with gold doubloons they’ve conned from their cult members.

I wonder what percentage Bannon is getting for allowing Lindell to advertise for “free” on his show?

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