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During this Saturday’s episode of his podcast The War Room, convicted felon Steve Bannon, who is finally heading to prison on July 1st for his conviction for contempt of Congress, took issue with former FBI Director Andrew McCabe who said this on CNN earlier this week about Trump’s not so thinly veiled threats to people in the DOJ and the FBI that have crossed him:

Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Director and Acting Director of the FBI (when Trump fired James Comey in 2017), told CNN’s Kaitlin Collins that people he knows in the intelligence and law enforcement community are having “torturous” discussions with their families about what to do if Trump is re-elected including “leaving the country to avoid being unconstitutionally and illegally detained.”

McCabe added, “People are actually worried about being thrown in jail or grabbed in some sort of extrajudicial detention.”

McCabe said of Trump: “He is not a person driven by principle or ideology, he is someone who is entirely transactional. If he feels like he’s been wronged in some way, then he focuses on revenge and vengeance. He’s made it perfectly clear that that’s what he’s going to do.”

Here’s Bannon threatening exactly what McCabe was concerned about, and pretending it’ll all be on the up and up: ‘Run As Far As You Want!’ Enraged Steve Bannon Vows to Chase Former FBI Dir. McCabe Across Globe ‘To Come And Get You’:

BANNON: Let me be brutally frank here. First off, everything that’s going to be done is going to be done, is going to be by the Constitution and under the rule of law. That’s one of the things we’re going to we’re going to we’re going to deconstruct this and get back. And I said yesterday about the, about the approvals, right. The authorizations, these agencies, most of them 90% of I think, Bob, because they have not been authorized to do a defense authorization Act every year because they understand that’s a must pass. They understand, hey, we can’t play around with defense authorization. FBI, DOJ, they’ve been decades and decades not being authorized. Number one process and taking part the administrative state the authorizations. Number two is McCabe’s got to understand this is McCabe. You should be worried. You should be very worried. But also understand this, brother. We have extradition treaties with virtually every country in the world. And you go ahead and run and run as far as you want.

We’re going to come and get you, and it’s going to be totally constitutional and totally by the rule of law. The reason they’re nervous and Kaitlan Collins, man, this was this is one of the most important interviews that’s been done in a long time. Right there you see them. That is the deep state. That’s the enemies of this country that have taken over this apparatus on CNN with their number one host, Caitlin Collins, who’s the big show over there, and see how surprised she was. But she couldn’t even hide it. The guys out there, you know why they fear these are smart people. They know the law. How is the deputy, the FBI? They know the laws they broke. And here’s the thing, McCabe. We’re going to have access to everything. Access to everything. Let me repeat this. Access to everything? Yes. Oh, these are torturous conversations.

These are torturous conversation where if you didn’t do anything wrong, it wouldn’t be torture conversations. They’re not going to be extra judicial at all. You know, the crimes you’ve committed, you’ve know what you’ve done. And that’s Lisa Monaco, Merrick Garland, all of them FBI, DOJ, the intelligence agency, CIA. I said yesterday, if we’re the fascists and the Brown shirts, why is it the Trump movement and MAGA that we’re fighting to shut down FISA? We don’t want warrantless searches. We don’t want warrantless, oversight of of progressives or people in this country. If you’re an American citizen, we’re fighting for that. The other side’s not. Why? Because they’re totally illegal Gestapo. McCabe, you were the deputy at the American Gestapo.

And you’re going to suffer the consequences. It’s not going to be extrajudicial. It’s not going to be against the Constitution is going to reaffirm the Constitution. But the reason they’re nervous. Oh, these are torturous conversations. People are very they’re so concerned, bro. Leave the country. Run as far as you can, bro. Because the long arm of American justice is going to get you and have you come back. Judgment day is 5th November of this year. Accountability day starts on the afternoon of the 20th of January, after Donald John Trump takes his hand off the King James Bible, okay? And we go to work.

As Glenn Kirschner discussed on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show this week, Bannon’s four-month prison term may end up being the least of his problems since Trump’s federal pardon of Bannon isn’t going to do him any good in state court:

Kirshner then pointed to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s criminal indictment of Bannon on money laundering charges and a trial slated to begin in the courtroom of Justice Juan Merchan — the same judge who oversaw Trump’s hush money trial — on Sept. 23.

Bannon stands accused of fleecing thousands of Trump supporters upwards of $15 million through the Florida nonprofit corporation WEBUILDTHEWALL, promising a border security project that never materialized, court records show.

Bragg brought the indictment alongside New York Attorney General Letitia James, the prosecutor behind Trump’s $450 million civil fraud lawsuit.


“Trump did that enormous favor for Steve Bannon,” Kirschner said Thursday. “Fortunately, the New York state authorities then began their own investigation.”

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