Bannon Has Panic Attack, Whines CNN Debate '100% Totally Rigged'

With every minute leading up to the CNN Presidential debate on Thursday, the MAGA cult has been unraveling at an alarming rate and creating conspiracy theories out of thin air.

Soon-to-be jailed Steve Bannon ranted through a whole segment on his War Room podcast that the debate is a set-up and 100% totally rigged against Trump.

That’s the confidence we like to see.

The senior people, and I think it’s now time the senior people got a way in here, not to protect you, but to protect the institution of Trump’s campaign and what is going to be the second term.

If we let them get away with this, this just shows them, yeah, okay, fine, you can just take punches on Trump’s second term because they’re coming.

This Thursday debate is totally, 100%.

It’s a channel and a network that has no self-confidence in what they do.

This thing is totally rigged.

Bannon has been calling for Diminished Donald to cancel the debate.

What, me worry?

The cacophony is rising!

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