Announcing our 2024 VB Transform Innovation Showcase finalists

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The finalists for the Innovation Showcase will be at Transform: Putting AI to work, July 9-11 in San Francisco. 

Six companies have been selected to showcase their generative artificial intelligence (AI) products or features that are most likely to disrupt the enterprise.

Those selected to present will do so in front of an invite-only audience of 400 industry decision-makers, and receive direct feedback from a panel of enterprise tech analysts, brand executives and others.

The 2024 Innovation Showcase finalists are:

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San Francisco-based Typeface is an AI-powered platform designed to assist enterprises in creating personalized content at scale. Typeface has built out integrations with multiple vendors including Microsoft and Google for its technology, to help organizations with marketing workflows.

In May the company released Typeface Arc which aims to automate the creation of personalized marketing campaigns and content by acting on the user’s behalf based on their business goals. 


Tel Aviv-based Tabnine is an AI-powered coding assistant designed to accelerate and simplify software development. It functions as a pair programming tool that integrates directly into a company’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE), providing intelligent code suggestions and completions tailored to each company-specific context.

The company launched a new version of its time-saving application programming interface in June 2022. In February it announced updates to its assistant, which includes integrating retrieval augmented generation techniques that allow the platform to give fine-tuned suggestions.


Instabase is an AI-powered platform designed to help organizations build, run and distribute intelligent solutions for processing unstructured data and automating complex business processes.

In June 2023, the company announced the launch of AI Hub, a comprehensive repository of AI applications focused on content understanding. Powered by generative AI, the company aims to provide self-service solutions within AI Hub, enabling users from diverse backgrounds to harness the potential of powerful AI-driven insights.


Palo Alto-based Catio is an AI-powered platform designed to assist companies in optimizing their tech stack architecture. The platform serves as a copilot for technical leaders and teams, providing data-driven insights and recommendations to evaluate, plan and evolve their technology infrastructure.

This February, Catio announced its oversubscribed pre-seed funding round to the tune of $2.6 million on top of a $1.4 million raise from 2023. 


Canada-based AutoAlign AI, spun off from its parent company Armilla to focus on protecting and enhancing AI systems for enterprise clients. 

In April the company unveiled its flagship product, “Sidecar,” a new approach to AI security that works alongside existing models to detect and mitigate potential issues such as data hallucinations, jailbreaking attempts and biases.

SambaNova System

Palo Alto-based SambaNova System specializes in developing advanced AI and deep learning technologies, offering a full-stack AI platform designed for generative AI applications.

In May, the company announced that it had achieved a new milestone in terms of gen AI performance, hitting a whopping 1,000 tokens per second with the Llama 3 8B parameter instruct model.

Come see at VB Transform

All of the pitches will occur on July 11 from 4:05 to 5:05 p.m. on the main stage for our in-person attendees.

Presenters will have five minutes for their pitch, followed by three minutes of feedback from the panel. Awards will be presented in three categories: 1) most likely to succeed, 2) coolest technology and 3) best presentation style.

Read about last year’s winners Skyflow, Arize AI and

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