Amir Satvat finds the smallest of tea leaves for the game job market: growth is returning

The years long malaise in game job hiring might finally be ending. Amir Satvat, the game community job resource aggregator, said in a post that the job market data he sees is finally turning around.

“Keep fighting, everybody. There will be other bumps in the road, but the overwhelming amount of data has me convinced things are turning in the games jobs market,” said Satvat in a post on LinkedIn.

Everything is triangulating right, he said. The stats show positive velocity in the turnover of hiring for roles, stability in the overall number of games positions, and information from candidates indicates that placement rates outside of games are improving (tech hiring is picking up).

“I estimate that the total number of games job seekers out of work for more than a year will finally go below 30% by the end of Q3’24,” he said.

Amir Satvat is director of business development at Tencent.

That’s still a long way away for some job seekers who have been out of work for a while. But Satvat also noted the number of weekly programmatic layoff situations has taken a nosedive to half of peak levels.

There has been no increase in the contract/fractional portion of jobs versus full-time. And 13 out of 20 major games job categories are seeing increases in hiring.

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Amir Satvat’s job trends.

“These are not celebration numbers. But if the patient was in critical care, they are at least now having a discussion with the family about whether it’s reasonable to move the patient down to intensive care,” said Satvat.

His own estimates show that 2,000 people using his job resources have found jobs.

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