Allen Robinson is surprised the Steelers cut him, but found the right fit with the Giants

The Steelers traded for wide receiver Allen Robinson last year, and he started all 17 games for them. But in March, they cut him, and in May he signed with the Giants.

Robinson didn’t expect that. Although his numbers — 34 catches for 280 yards and no touchdowns — were not good for a receiver who started 17 games, Robinson thought his lack of production was a matter of the Steelers needing to make changes to their offensive scheme this offseason, not a matter of needing to send him packing.

“I know for them, they were doing a lot of changes over there, schematic changes, and different things like that,” Robinson told “So, it was a little surprising. But at the end of the day, it’s a part of the business. I’ve been in this thing now going on 11 years.”

Robinson thinks the Giants are the right team for him.

“It’s awesome, man,” Robinson said. “It’s awesome, because once you’ve played in the league for a little bit, you do know some guys. You’ve played with guys, you’ve played against guys. Coming in today talking to Jalin, he was telling me how he was playing with me on Madden and stuff. You’re able to connect with guys quickly. Being able to have that perspective, it’s been an easy transition for me stepping into different locker rooms. I’m blessed to be able to be around these guys. It’s a very talented group. It’s been cool. It’s been fun.”

The Giants badly need to upgrade their passing game from what it was last season. Robinson will turn 31 in August, and his production has declined for four straight seasons, so it’s no sure thing that he’ll be the key to an offensive turnaround, but he believes he’s going to contribute to a big year for the Giants.

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