Alina Habba Delusion: America Was On 'Upward Trajectory' On Morals Under Trump

Trump attorney Alina Habba claimed Trump improved American moral values when he was in office and even Fox News’ Shannon Bream had to push back on that whopper.

And yes, Habba really said it.

Habba claimed Robert De Niro’s colorful attack on Trump shows how far down America has declined. Maybe she should watch Trump in front of the courthouse to get some perspective on declining values.

Bream asked if the indictments have had a net-positive effect for diminished Donald.

Habba: We have Americans, we have people that were Biden supporters. I can’t imagine how or why, but they’re now waking up and saying, whoa, this is not America. This is very un-American and we can’t survive another four years of this.

So if you want to look at it that way, sure, but I don’t think countries need to hit rock bottom.

I don’t understand why we couldn’t have continued on an upward trajectory of American morals, of the Constitution. I’m not sure why we had to hit this low point, to be honest, but if that’s what gets President Trump back in office, sure.

The Fox host didn’t let that insanity go unanswered.

Bream: But you know, when you talk about things like morals, people will say, this is a case about a former president, somebody who was running for president, paying off a porn star who alleges that she had a relationship with him.

I mean, that sparks a whole nother conversation about morality, who’s running the country.

Obviously voters in 2016, it was not a problem or they factored in what they knew about the Access Hollywood tape and other things.

And they were comfortable sending President Trump to the White House.

They’ve had four years to think about the way he performed, now four years of President Biden.

But some of them will always now have this vision with President Trump that these kinds of dramas and things will be just part of his package, part of what comes with him as president.

Trump should market brain worms.

Trump lackeys and paid shills always try to paint the scumbag narcissist as holier than thou, a messianic savior, and in reality he’s just a criminally libel garden-variety sexual predator who is trying to destroy US Democracy.

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