ABC Host Clashes With Bannon: 'I Haven't Seen Democrats Storm The Capitol'

ABC News host Jonathan Karl clashed with political strategist and convicted criminal Steve Bannon about violence from Republicans.

During an interview that aired Sunday on ABC’s This Week program, Bannon dismissed death threats received by Dr. Anthony Fauci after he called to put the doctor’s head “on a pike.”

“I’m not backing off my rhetoric,” Bannon insisted.

“Are you concerned about those death threats, though?” Karl asked.

“Do you think I don’t get death threats and have security all the time?” Bannon retorted. “That comes when you play at the highest levels.”

“Will you appeal right now, message to all of Trump’s supporters, to respect the results?” Karl pressed. “If you’re going to lose… there will be no violence?”

“Have you asked a Democrat this question, yes or no?” Bannon shot back.

I haven’t seen Democrats storm the Capitol to try to stop an election!” Karl replied. “And by the way, I have no problem asking Democrats if they’re going to respect the election.”

“Here’s the bottom line,” Bannon asserted. “When this is adjudicated and reviewed, if they are certifiable, chain of custody, vote ballots and votes from American citizens, then hey, whatever that outcome is, is totally fair.”

“Until the time that we get that, all bets are off.”

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